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Our services are aimed at companies worldwide with an intensive SEM spending who demand to remain highly competitive in their markets. All of our services are tailored to our clients' needs and every piece of technology we create is unique. Our portfolio of services ranges from campaign audits to training and campaign management.



SEM Technologies

As in Formula 1, we believe that the technology that helps you win in SEM is tailor-made to your industry and company. At Gauss & Neumann we enjoy research and take optimization to the furthest limit.

An SEM campaign is a mirror upon which the users should see their needs well reflected, but also your company's portfolio of products or services should fit the user's demand. In order to do that, it's our mission to create keyword structures that represent your catalog of products in real time and also use technologies that help your campaigns adapt to the users' reaction.

Gauss & Neumann has created a wide catalog of technologies aimed at:

  • Campaign creation
  • Optimization
  • Reporting

When it comes to optimization, it is very common that a group of companies invests on SEM through multiple brands at the same time, but with very different strategies. Some low cost, some high end and some just with a different positioning. What is important to the group is to efficiently manage the overall portfolio of SEM players, avoiding competition between each other and internal price bubbles. It is also crucial to distribute the overall budget in real time according to the performance of each brand or simply use some of the brands to shield the position of the main one against competitors.

In order to oversee the different brands strategies at once, Gauss & Neumann has created SEM Brand Synergy systems (SBS). SBS is a set of technologies aimed at balancing budgets, bids and business strategies across multiple accounts.

Gauss & Neumann's SEM audits, follow a proprietary process called AAA (Advertising Account Audit) which consists of a set of documents developed by three PhD level campaign managers[1]. These documents are presented to your company on a one-on-one session and they provide with a very clear view of your SEM accounts' status.

The AAA analyzes your account structures, keywords, ads, competitor landscape, quality score health, landing pages, etc. and gives you a clear picture of what to improve and how.

1. See Forbes reference to AAA on this article: "Is Your Marketing Putting You In The Red? Here's How To Get Back To Profitability".


Aimed at internal SEM teams, Gauss & Neumann provides with MASK SEM consulting for international companies.

Our company helps internal teams designing MASK structures, understanding feed technologies and aligning them with the back-end of their businesses.


Gauss & Neumann provides industrial SEM management services to only one new client every year with a minimum investment of $500K per month.

Our philosophy is to only work on SEM accounts to which we can make a profound improvement of the ROI and volume of sales. The type of accounts we enjoy working with, compete in multiple languages and markets. Gauss & Neumann works in exclusivity, keeping you away from your competition, unlike the traditional agency model.

G&N is a true alternative to an internal SEM team[1], always in the know and aligned with our client's interests. Our services cover all the daily management, bidding, optimization and reporting technologies needed to become competitive.

1. See Inc. reference to G&N on this article: "In-House Versus Outsourced Marketing".

Our process

We turn around the results of an SEM account through two steps. First we change the hardware of the account, which means changing the structure of how campaigns, adgroups and keywords are organized. Second we apply software or intelligence to the management of the new structure. Both steps are meticulously designed and tested before running at full speed.

Turning around an SEM account is like replacing a streetcar for an F1 car on a racetrack. We replace a regular structure with MASK. When we do so, results start to be apparent and both conversions and conversion cost improve. During the first year with MASK accounts, we gather as much data as possible and optimize the accounts to a point in which a second step is necessary. The second lap of an F1 car is slightly better than the first one, but the car starts to compete with itself and the lap-over-lap improvement is not as apparent now.

The only way to improve again is to provide the F1 car with new software. This is exactly what we do with MASK after the second year. We apply new bidding techniques and technologies that use data from outside of the structures to optimize the way bidding is executed. These data are mainly business related and secondly socially related. We take business variables, like stock, margins or price that are unique to your company and use those as advantages. Once those variables are in place, we take external variables like holidays, weather or events and correlate them with campaign results.

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